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Buying an air purifier: 4 essential features to look for!

Before buying an air purifier, customers compare different models and brands to get the finest one for them. The goal is to buy the best quality air purifier for their home. To understand it better, we have put together the checklist of top features which a customer requires in an air purifier before buying it. These features will help customers to make smart choice in purchasing the best air purifier for them.

Here are the 4 essential features you should consider before buying an air purifier-

  • Type of air filtration technology
  • Design and ease of use
  • Noise level
  • Energy consumption

Type of air filtration technology

Deciding on the right filtration technology is probably the most important part of buying an air purifier. As different types of filters can tackle different types of indoor air pollution such as viruses, bacteria, smell, etc. It is important to make sure that you are buying the right one to handle your specific needs. ChecknSure offers advanced 5-layer filter action when it comes to killing the bacteria from the air. It effectively removes dust, smoke, odor, smog from the air

Design and ease of use

There are a lot of features that fall under this umbrella, such as aesthetics, portability, ease of set-up and use. With a ChecknSure air purifier, you never have to compromise on these. HD touch display, angular appearance design, ABS solid-body, portable are some of the major features of ChecknSure air purifier.

Noise level

If an air purifier is too loud, you will not prefer to use it regularly. Checking an air purifier’s sound ratings can help give you a better idea of what to expect in terms of noise. ChecknSure offers less than 50 dB noise and gives you perfect sleep.

Energy Consumption

If you are not cautious, your air purifier’s energy consumption can lead to unpleasant surprises on your monthly electricity bill. To keep energy costs low, try looking for units that use below 100 watts on their highest setting. ChecknSure offers electricity uses up to 40 W, which is very less, and you will be always happy with your electricity bills.

Before buying an air purifier, assure all the above features are there or not? Try to get one that is equipped for your room size, filters out the particles in your home, and is easy to use. ChecknSure is offering the best air purifier for your home. ChecknSure room air purifier purifies air by filtration & sterilizes all airborne microbes and gives pure air with advanced 5-layer filter action and anion disbursement in air. Breathe in nature, enjoy your sterilized, fresh clean & pure air with ChecknSure air purifier. Check our product range on amazon here- and on flipkart here-

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