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Checknsure Omni Pure Air Portable Car Air Purifier

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(3 customer reviews)

Now you don’t have to roll down your windows for fresh air, introducing the all-new ChecknSure 3 in 1 Car Air Purifier with Ionizer, Ozone Sterilizer & a 2000 mAh battery that can be used as a power bank. 

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The ChecknSure car air purifier with ionizer produces up to 1 crore negative ions which trap 99.9% of pollutants that are present in the air you’re breathing in and all the pollutants settle down on the floor, the Ozone Sterilizer then terminates every pollutant and allergen. When you are using similar products that claim to kill pollutants, you should know that they don’t kill the pollutants, negative ions on their own cannot kill pollutants. You need a virus-killing technology like UV-C radiation or an Ozone Sterilizer.

ChecknSure car air purifier with ionizer is a portable product and can be placed either on the dashboard, under the seats or on the rear parcel tray. It is one of the best personal air purifier available in India.

If you are looking to buy car air purifier, then this Car Air Purifier with Ionizer is the right choice for you in your budget. You can also use this air purifier for small room, kitchen, washroom, meeting room, office desk, etc. You can buy car air purifier from here.


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Weight0.35 kg
Dimensions6.5 × 15.4 cm

3 reviews for Checknsure Omni Pure Air Portable Car Air Purifier

  1. Namrata sharma

    Works efficiently. Value for money. One can use this product in room also by connecting with mobile charger/adapter.

  2. Shraddha sharma

    Good gadget to have especially if you have regular extended sitting in car. It makes internal air quality quite good. Sound is too low to disturb or effect in any ways.

  3. kamlesh sharma

    Good and premium quality product

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